Poem: A choice for the lonely

We numb our minds, away from the moment
trying to play the game of looking intact,
afraid of our keen sensitivity to the fact
that loss is part of this life inevitably,
so we cut ourselves off from feelings,
indulge the drama that we are alone
as if the choice was not ours,
that same sensitivity that tells us
the world is too noisy,
we can’t hear ourselves so we insulate,
create distance, for loving hurts when indeed,
we are all united by the struggle
of simply being here.

Being courageous enough to be here
with a heart and fewer defenses,
there is no human on earth
who’s heart has not broken,
why are we still so cruel?
being courageous enough to admit our senses
are overwhelmed by too much stimulus.
we don’t need to isolate ourselves,
put walls up, pretend it’s all ok,
know even when we live to our full aliveness
we are each still alone.

No one can understand themselves
greater than their own minds,
we each seek the point of where
the peripheral identity stems from
finding an unsettling point we don’t talk about,
for us alone do not have the vocabulary wide enough
there is no landscape with enough vocabulary
to comfort this journey of living.

Unlike the landscape of the world untouched by man,
we simplified our language to words, and grey concrete
articulate with short characters, and flashing lights
forgetting all that can be spoken can be said
in blades of grass, in shades of sunsets,
in shivering dunes, in constellations of birds
and cries and howls…
in shifting rock and crashing water
and thunder that makes the earth quake beneath your feet
and eardrums tremble in feeble receptivity.

Not many people speak that language anymore,
so the depths of our own emotions frighten us
when fault lines rub together and we crumble
tears burn down faces like molten magma
rage spews forth like mud across a village
of innocent bystanders forgetting natural disasters
are part of the transformation
of an ever evolving landscape.

I reflect how crying changed the bones in my face
While the world races on,
and I wonder if we all realised
how truly we are each alone,
we would rather choose to be alone

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