Back in Berlin: Writing for Nature in the City.

Gosh, time flies when you’re having fun; or trying to establish yourself as a writer in a foreign city.

I’ve been back in Berlin for one week, with its breathtaking cold air and stilling streets as winter sets in. You know what the best thing about winter is? Hustling through the cold all layered up, to arrive at a toasty warm venue full of lightly dressed Berliners who’ve shed their cocoon of coats by the door. There’s nothing like live music to soothe my windswept mind and lucky for me, I’m in the right place for it.

This weekend I’m off to PrivatClub to boogey to my favorite Berlin band (I’ll admit I’m biased) Nature in the City. I had the privilege to write a music video script, for their new single ‘Alice’. This weekend, the single launches, and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon to write about these guys with just enough objective professionalism so as to capture the essence of their work. Their music is rich with multi-layered meaning, talented musicianship, introspection and inspiring worldly observations.

You can check out the article I wrote for the event here:

Nature in the City’s new single: A tribute to Berlin culture

…and if you’re in Berlin, you should come down and see the concert for yourself. Here’s a sneak peak of their new single.




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