Moon Under Water (poem)

Moon Cover Image

Moon under water, reflections shimmer

Celestial things lie beneath the surface.

The water in my blood an open sea,

shifting in the breeze,

shimmers like moonlight on ocean shores,

Are you underwater moon?

As you creep along the horizon,

are you drowning or submerging into the

depths of the underworld as my brilliant

feminine essence chooses to hide in the

undercurrent of my wavering neurosis.

I know, however, that you are not underwater

as it seems,

for the earth is round, and you are just making sure

every being gets to bask in your beams,

We are all luminescent.

I wonder if your face ages like mine will

If I am still primal enough to thrown into cyclic

dances at your radiant and rhythmic will

Thinking you are under the water

the moving one, thinking we are still

when it is us who move

and can be moved

by the moon under water.



Artwork by Katelyn Morse, which is featured on the cover of my book titled ‘Moon Under Water’.

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