Extinction (poem)

The last male white rhino dies
while we rise against the
exact same adjectives 
in our species

While we snap selfies
while we applaud
our progress with
all that is mechanics
forgetting the dynamics
of cause and effect
focusing only on our
obsession with human death
death which we don’t want
to see but have to,
rather than focusing on
the beauty of the world
that we want to see
but choose not to

While other sentient beings
slowly become an invisible
an intellectual concept
of biology described
like old artwork
or discarded library books
rendered too far gone
to be saved for we
are already focused on
how to rediscover
our fascination for them
when they are finally

Oh it is the malady of our
species that we place
so much importance
on ecological obituaries
that consist namely of
silence about what we can see
and what we don’t want to
remains chosen ignorance veiled
as a mystery when it’s
actually just landfill so
we don’t have to apply
our grey matter to
anything green
won’t take responsibility
for what we cannot see…

The last white male rhino dies
Before I’ve ever even seen
one with my own eyes
But it doesn’t stop me
crying for everything
that was here for centuries
yet will die before I do.

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