Kiana Minkie
Photo by John Engelzos

At age 13, Kiana wrote her first poem in 2005 for a poetry contest, which was chosen for publication by the Poetry Institute of Australia for the anthology titled ‘Opal Shores’. Since then, she has completed a degree in science, knowing all along writing was her true vocation.

In early 2017, Kiana published her first book called ‘Moon Under Water’, a collection of poetry reflecting on the notions of home, belonging and hardship. Her poems have featured in the Berlin Spoken Word magazine ‘Unspoken’ and another in the first edition of  ‘The Berlin Notebook’.

Kiana has a love of languages, learning some German while living in Germany. Her freelance writing and editing work includes regular blog contributions to startup and writing for a Berlin-based band. She feels comfortable expressing herself in a myriad of writing styles. Kiana is interested in pursuing a career in professional writing, with an interest in science journalism, inspiring connection to nature and others, and self-reflection through various forms of storytelling.